Curriculum and Materials

SCWG structural competency training curriculum and materials published on MedEdPORTAL.

​Structural Competency: Curriculum for Medical Students, Residents, and Interprofessional Teams on the Structural Factors That Produce Health Disparities

Joshua Neff, MD, MS, Seth M. Holmes, PhD, MD, Kelly R. Knight, PhD, Shirley Strong, MEd, Ariana Thompson-Lastad, PhD, Cara McGuinness, MS, CNM, Laura Duncan, Nimish Saxena, Michael J. Harvey, DrPH, Alice Langford, Katiana L. Carey-Simms, Sara N. Minahan, MS, CNM, Shannon Satterwhite, PhD, Caitlin Ruppel, Sonia Lee, MPH, Lillian Walkover, PhD, Jorge De Avila, Brett Lewis, Jenifer Matthews, MD, Nicholas Nelson, MBBS